5 Simple Steps
to Dissolve Conflict
in Your Relationships

• Do you find yourself repeatedly stuck in conflict situations with little idea how to break the pattern?

• Do you have a nagging feeling that there is more you could do to improve your relationship but you just don’t know how?

• Are you frightened by the prospect of your relationship breaking up?

It all started around 2:30am one winter morning... when my wife, Vimala and I sat down to write a book together. Somehow or other we found ourselves in a “meltdown” Yes at 2:30am and the irony is… we were writing a book about “successful married life”! Even after 40 years of marriage and decades of teaching this subject we still found ourselves challenged by conflict. Our struggle stemmed from the fact that we have very different ways of doing things. “We always joke that it is lucky we never had an astrological compatibility chart done or we would have definitely flunked”. As we worked our way through that situation we recognized that every time we successfully resolved any issues, we were unconsciously using a formula. A formula that magically transformed our conflicts into opportunities to deepen and strengthen our relationship. That very morning we identified each step and distilled them into a simple 5 step formula for responding to conflict. Understanding the positive difference this could make, we felt inspired to share this formula with our worldwide Hare Krishna community. The response was incredibly positive. So now we are making it available to you... so that you can also easily dissolve your conflicts and deepen your relationships.

About Jaya Sila & Vimala

Living in New Zealand with nearly 40 years experience of successful married life together, Vimala and Jaya Sila now travel internationally presenting relationship workshops. They have offered seminars in more than 20 countries including USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia, Dubai, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, India, Switzerland.

They are best known for their courses within the Hare Krishna movement: "Successful Krishna Conscious Marriage" and "Nurturing Krishna’s Children".

Their latest online course "Relationship Rescue Remedy: The 5 Drop Formula For Restoring Healthy Relationships' combines insights from their spiritual journey with their 40 years of practical experience in married life. This course will enable you to transform all conflicts into happier, deeper and more meaningful relationships.


You will:

  Master the Calm is Strength Mantra so that you can keep your cool even in the most difficult situations

  Uncover the secret power of shifting perspective so that you can work things out together rather than seeing each other as the problem

  Transform conflict into opportunity so you can continuously take your relationship to a higher level

  Learn the secret technique for resolving conflict at lightning speed

Here's what you get:

  • Five Modules

    Modules will be release in sequence showing you how to apply the Relationship Rescue Remedy 5 Drop Formula to your relationships.

  • Additional Resources

    Each module will include Videos, MP3 audio, and Slides.
    So you can deeply engage with these profound lessons and integrate them into your life.

  • Practical activities and assignments

    Implement the strategies taught in this course by doing the simple tasks and you will experience a massive positive change in your relationships.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Get support from our community and get your questions answered personally by Jaya Sila and Vimala.

Limited Time Special Offer!

We got such a positive response when we taught the Relationship Rescue Remedy Formula within the Hare Krishna movement that we felt compelled to share it with a broader audience.

Our goal is to empower people to create loving, lasting, successful relationships at every stage of life.

We have been advised to offer this course to for at least $297.

And that is a very fair price considering the kind of transformation this course produces.

After all, what value can you put on transforming a relationship from anxiety and conflict to deep trust, understanding and love!

However, because you have taken the time and initiative to be here, we want to make it any easy decision for you to join us and begin transforming your relationships today by offering this course for just $97.

We want to see YOU equipped with the tools you need to have successful loving relationships and we don’t want money standing in the way.

$97 puts the course within easy reach of the vast majority of people.

So if you're committed to transforming your relationships…

Get started immediately.

Click the "Register Now" button below.

100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back

Try out the Relationship Rescue Remedy Formula™…

Take advantage of all 5 weeks of training. Do the support exercises. Get your questions answered in the Facebook group.

Then at any time within 60 days if you don’t feel this was the best $97 you have spent on your relationships… I insist that you let me know and I will immediately return the full $97 plus an extra $20 for wasting your time.

That is how confident I am about this program.


Tasting the sweetness of deeper more loving relationships;
Feeling an instant sense of relief and optimism;
Experiencing the joy and freedom of deep trust;
Connecting at a spiritual level.

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